Custom DJ Drops #5

Price: $75.00

15 drops for only $75

1. And now back to the mix with (DJ Name)

2. Droppin the Beats It's (DJ Name)

3. (DJName) In The Mix #1

4. (DJ Name) In The Mix #2

5. Kickin The Bass all in your face! (DJ Name)

6. (DJ Name) Live in the mix

7. Droppin the mad beats throughout the city streets...(DJ Name)

8. This nonstop music mix is brought to you by (DJ Name)

9. Breaking you off another nonstop music mix. It's (DJ Name)

10.Takin you back to the old school...with (DJ Name)

11.Slammin Hit after hit after hit...It's (DJ Name)

12.It's another superlong megamix with...(DJ Name)

13.Tearin It Up For The New's (DJ Name)

14.Cause we're layin down like wax and dropping the latest tracks with (DJ Name)

15.Slammin the sounds of the underground...(DJ Name)

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