Custom #9 DJ Drops

Price: $40.00

Custom DJ Drops Package #9.

10 tracks for you to play at your next gig. Listen to the demo to see what this package offer's.


1.Holdin' It Down On Saturday Nights It's (DJ Name)

2.It's The Friday Night Mixdown with (DJ Name)

3. Giving you only the hottest jams, it's (DJ Name)

4. Feel The Power, Feel The Phat Bass... It's (DJ Name) in the mix

5. It doesn't have to be 50 years old to be a classic...It's (DJ Name) Bring you the hits!

6. Keepin' you jammin to the wee hours of the mornin' It's (DJ Name) Live in the mix!

7. Your trapped in an all night mix with (DJ Name)

8. On the 1's and 2's thisis (DJ Name)

9. This is the dj you've been waiting for...Now get ready to rock...with (DJ Name)

10.Close your eyes and open your mind...come into my world...the world of (DJ Name)

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