Custom #11 DJ Drops

Price: $40.00


1.   Rippin it up on the 1' & 2's...It's (DJ Name)
2.   Another official... (DJ Name)... Remix
3.   Your now rockin' with.... (DJ Name)
4.   This is a ...(DJ Name).... exclusive
5.   Hittin you with another live mashup in the mix... It's (DJ Name)
6.   Droppin Classics on that ass..... it's (DJ Name)
7.   Leaving all others in the dust.... it's (DJ Name)
8.   The Hottest DJ in Scottsdale AZ ....(DJ Name)
9.   Reppin The (area code).... It's (DJ Name)
10.Killin it in the club.... it's (DJ Name)

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