Customer Rewards Explained introduces its exclusive rewards campaign.

About the system

The system is very simple, all payment approved orders are eligible to be awarded one "Reward Point" per dollar value of your order.

Redeeming Rewards Points

The rewards point area within your account allows you to view your current accumulated rewards points as well as update your point total. Once you accumulate a minimum of 250 points you can redeem your points for a Gift Certificate you can use to make purchases in our store.

Rewards Points Redemption Levels

50 Reward Points = $5 Gift Certificate
100 Reward Points = $10 Gift Certificate
150 Reward Points = $15 Gift Certificate
200 Reward Points = $20 Gift Certificate
250 Reward Points = $25 Gift Certificate

Rewards Points Exclusions / Gift Certificate Terms of Use

  • Gift Certificates redeemed are 1 time use ONLY, meaning even if you do not use the entire amount of the Gift Certificate during a purchase you will not be able to use that certificate again for a future purchase.
  • Gift Certificates cannot be used for payment during store wide sales/discount periods.